Monday, October 21, 2013

INKtober, Day 20!

Rant and His Birds
9 x 12 pen and ink / brush and ink on smooth bristol
Tracing paper draft from January.
Revised draft using references to tie down shapes and details.
Pencil draft done in Staedtler Mars Lumograph HB.

I used five different nibs to ink this piece.

Rant is fun to write, but I don't draw him often enough. He's one of Brainsick's protagonists, along with Char the raven and Celeste the barn owl. Rant is an English emigrant of Greek descent, deemed "eccentric but harmless" by locals.

This is one of those pieces where I began happy with its progress, grew unsatisfied, and ended up happy with it again. None of my INKtober pieces is perfect, so there is no point in fretting over them. I hopped on the project to have fun and learn - and I'm still learning and having fun! I can't believe October is already ending in ten days.

I'll test colors on this piece in Photoshop at some point.
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