Thursday, October 24, 2013

INKtober, Day 22!

Chestan and Fieran Crufts
9 x 12 pen and ink / brush and ink on smooth bristol
I go through lots of off sketches before I find workable versions.
Chestan and Fieran Crufts work together to rescue and shelter stray and abused pets in Brainsick. Their parents run a foster animal program in their home - but Mr. and Mrs. Crufts have been missing for a few months. Their names are pronounced "KESS'tin" and "FAY'rin."

Ches and Fey joined my core cast in early high school. They've undergone vast improvements in terms of their written lives: running the foster program, finishing their junior year of high school, and not knowing where their parents have gone to wear heavily on them both.

This is probably the best representation of these two I've drawn to date. Granted, I need to pick up figure drawing again, but I think their personalities show pretty well. Chestan is supposed to look like a film noir extra, whereas Fieran is colored like a carnival. (A colored version would show this much better, of course.) Ches doesn't smile much, but Fey can get him to half-smile every now and then. She's usually all smiles. Ches is tall, spidery, and angular; Fey is short, stocky, and rounded.
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