Saturday, August 5, 2017

February Face-Fest, Room Renovations, and DIY Photo Boxes!

Kicking off with the Meet the Artist meme.

Studies and character studies for Paranoid. 

 Studies and character studies for Lily.

Finch's turnaround came out pretty well!

Test run: mini photo box!

Owl charm and Musky the Smilodon toy.

Quartz crystal (purchased) and a hag stone from Oceanside.

Agates I collected from Oceanside last year.

A couple of my old Sculpey figurines: kitty-dog and a Moraunx (1999 or 2000).

Raccoon skull I cleaned in 2006. Lots of damage, but a great reference! 

Anne's turnaround is decent.

Rant's turnaround: EYEBROWS.

Zentangle-inspired owl based on a suggestion from Sophie!

ADORABLE papercraft portrait Katie made of me! (Plus tiny cat friend.)

Christine's fabulous Sphynx cat, Gandalf the Pink!

Table setup prior to breakdown.

Naked walls are so weird...

Built with generous help from my aunt and uncle!

Fieran's turnaround is getting there. Best version I've drawn of her, at least!

Brought my Samsung monitor out of storage to use with my Surface!

Raquel and Fieran. <3 p="">

Quick reworking of an old marker illustration using watercolor pencils and Derwent Inktense. I want to make a full version!

February was another fickle month. I began my personal art challenge - February Face-Fest - on a good foot, and ended with few completed drawings to show for what I'd had planned. It was progress, but it often felt in vain.

I found distractions to pique my interest: installing and learning how to use Linux on my old laptop; building my own photo boxes to take better photos of my prints (tested with many different items); making charms with the owl beads Mom gave me for Christmas; and preparing to upgrade to a loft bed. I participated in Fanaticon 2, which was lackluster in sales but wonderful for inspiration.

...I'm finally posting this in August and I began prepping this post in March??? Life is weird. ;P

Saturday, March 18, 2017

January 2017 sketchbook / Creatuanary art!

Sculpey kitty-dog I ended up giving to Mom!  

Day 1: Harpy (Grizelle, from Paradigm Chimera)

Day 2: Hippocampus (whale-based!)

Interlude: Oaxacan Honeybee for my friend, Elsa! It was actually a gift for her beekeeper friends; they give her honey throughout the year. She told me they loved it! 

Final details added with colored pencil.

Visited Mom's work after hanging out with Elsa. Mom has a bunch of my early Sculpey figurines at her cubicle. :D

Finch and I contemplate the meaning of being 29.

Day 3: Stirge (mosquito-bat hybrid from Dungeons and Dragons)

Day 4: Chimera

Day 5: Lamia

Day 6: Hydra

Day 7: Tzika

Day 8: Gryphon (Silverclaw, from Legacy [working title])

Day 9: Mutated T-rex

Sir John Hurt passed away on January 25th. Three of his films had immeasurable impact on me as an artist and person: Watership Down, The Plague Dogs, and The Elephant Man. I drew Hazel, Snitter, and Joseph "John" Merrick, respectively, to represent each film.

Musky, my faithful Smilodon model.

Day 10: Manticore (based off of Musky)

Mass catch-up strikes again!

I jumped on the Creatuanary train a little late. I completed only 10 of 31 prompts, but it was still needed practice! The early months of any given year are when I'm at my most fickle. I like having different things to do, even when I try to complete a drawing challenge.
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