Thursday, November 29, 2012

BRAINSICK: Lost It. Can't Get It BACK. [progress!]

It's not often I write about Brainsick publicly. I've become more and more hesitant to share it. Its characters are among my most cherished creations. With them, I can explore themes that have always fascinated me, as well as aspects of my own personality manifested in wildly different personas.

Lost It. Can't Get It BACK. is an older Brainsick concept depicting Paranoid's worsening hallucinations. This newest rendition was an opportunity for me to take my technical pens for a joy ride. I love them for sketching; they're amazing for illustration.
Desk setup, including an earlier revamp from January.
Lost It. Can't Get It BACK. (2005)
Lost It. Can't Get It BACK. (2006)
Sketch page gestures created with number 2 Rapidograph.
Rough linework based off recent sketches.

I used pen size 4 to get the thick lines on Paranoid's near paw.

I pay special attention to paw details.
(I love drawing animal feet of all types.)
Macro on 00 Rapidograph technical pen.

Progress shot featuring Rapidograph numbers 2, 00, 3x0, 1, and 3.
Fur detailed with 3x0 and 00 Rapidograph pens.

Paw fully detailed!
Lost It. Can't Get It BACK. (2012)