Monday, November 24, 2014

BRAINSICK: Decay Maquette, Part 3!

I should make a photobox for my sculptures so I can get more consistent lighting. Until then - enjoy!

Reduction around Decay's ribs.

Getting there! Photos taken on November 2.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

BRAINSICK: Decay Maquette, Part 2!

At long last, here's some progress on my Decay maquette. I finished the armature and began adding clay on October 19th; it was a much-needed break from INKtober, a chance to work my hands more thoroughly than I do while drawing.

Hole bored through foil with an old turkey skewer.

Decay stands 12" tall at the top of her mane.
I am proud to say this is my first reductive sculpture. I quickly lumped clay onto the armature without worrying about details; my college maquettes were additive. Reductive sculpting is so much quicker!

The clay is Prima Plastilina. I picked up six pounds of the stuff for a great price last year via Craigslist. I'd used Roma Plastilina during college, but only learned after graduating that it contains sulphur. Prima is sulphur-free and, unlike Roma, it does not have to be heated into pliability.

Rough clay masses visible.
Top view showing smoothed masses.

She'll be useful for drawing extreme distortion!

A couple days later, I began refining Decay while listening to music (Tears For Fears and Massive Attack, if you're curious). I wanted to tuck her belly up more since she's a gaunt thing.

I'll smooth and add / subtract where needed.
Marking Decay's extended grin.
 Decay is still a work in progress. I want to find glass beads or jewels for her eyes; sculpting them would be tedious. If I can find green rhinestones, that would be perfect.