Wednesday, January 6, 2021

2021 Goals and rearranging my work area! (SKETCHBOOKS)

2021 goals? CHECK. XD

I need a low-pressure way to share my sketchbooks again so I figured, WHY NOT ACTUALLY POST TO YOUR BLOG AGAIN, YOU DORK??

I rearranged my workspace shelving slightly to accommodate my current sketchbooks! (See also: updated corkboards yaaaay.) Sketchbooks were my refuge in 2020: I drew 686 pages across 18 sketchbooks!

My 2020 sketchbooks (eight total) are easily accessible, and I have six sketchbooks I'm doodling in daily or almost daily. I added a couple older sketchbooks I may still reference to the last letter tray (above).

To better organize my thoughts and story ideation, I keep separate sketchbooks for each story (namely BrainsickFáèlborn, and KriMauTai at this time--but almost exclusively Brainsick and its alternate universe, Count the Calm).

Collaging / decorating new sketchbook covers is one of my favorite past times. I'd ordered two Wonder & Weiss Create Collection sketchbooks from Ebay late last year after finding a couple in a local Ross sometime in 2019. W&W has no website that I can find, and the Ebay books were likely picked up from another secondhand store and sold at a markup--but I love them, so I fell for the bait. ;D

I will remove the covers from spiralbound sketchbooks to fully personalize them. They're easy to reassemble! This one is from December 1st, 2020:

With time, I added MORE STICKERS:

(front cover, back cover, inner front, inner back)

Pink skull by my friend, Ely (Spycyshark)
Space doggo by my friend, Sunny (The Acidic Slushie)
Strawberry cat by Crowlines
woodland critters from a cute sticker pack at Fred Meyer

Crystal fox sticker by Ely!

Headphones goblin by my friend Mike! (StickerSandwich)
Blue-tongued monster by my friend Merp! (MerplDerpl)

Granted, the paper in this particular sketchbook is not quite as sturdy, SO I've made it a sketchdump! LOTS of pages for quick, rough doodles that I can fix up in my mixed media sketchbook. Speaking of which!

Rat, moon, and another crystal fox by Spycyshark!
Space snake by Alum & Ink
Owl and datura by Black Sea Foam
Horned heart monster by StickerSandwich
Holographic monster by Kiriska
Constellation stickers by my friend Hannah (RoseBound Studio)

(Gorgeous holiday card by my bro Aki hangin' over my Surface)

I LOVE CANSON XL MIXED MEDIA SKETCHBOOKS. They're well-crafted and can weather a LOT of wet media applications!

The Book of Fonch is where I focus on my Count the Calm art. Camille said that "Book of Fonch" sounds like a cult BUT if it's a cult, it's like... a cult of loving yourself for who you are and cute found family shenanigans aaaand non-explicit asexual kink **wow** XD

Nightmute sticker by my friend N! (Nightmute)
Big Mood and AM PUPPY! by ButtsteakYUM!
WILD! by my friend Jen (Coffeehousedog)
Coffee Goblin by StickerSandwich (plus Heart Monster!)
Beanie fox by Spycyshark

Fat Cat Dragon by Spycyshark
Pupsicle by Coffeehousedog
Dork 4 Life by Michi Scribbles
Pink face washi tape by Commandurr14

Chubby unicorn by StickerSandwich
Green tiger sticker by Crowlines

Fat Cat Pants, Space Otter, and Chubby Chonken by Alum & Ink
Pride Possum and Slice of Life by Spycyshark
Wolf and bone by Nightmute
Cute and SPOOKY!! stickers by Commandurr14

(by Commandurr14 / Lee Strawberry)


I'll share some actual sketch pages here soonish! I WANT to share more of my sketchbook art; I just hate social media nowadays. I deactivated my Facebook account in November (after deliberating on it for years), and I share stories on IG but delete the app shortly after. I'll share more on IG eventually, but the break has been beneficial. 

I mostly share friends' art on Twitter, haha. :D

Here is a fat bird I found at Fred Meyer.

It reminds me of Fonch (AU Finch lolol)

I'm collecting Fonches at an alarming rate XD