Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Visual Journal: Splash page and first page!

The splash page and first page of my Strathmore Visual Journal. I'll use it for art therapy on occasion.

The splash page, bottom left, was roughly half-finished before the power went out; I completed it by candlelight and flashlight.

Lily is featured on the first page. I used to make abstract marker illustrations like this frequently in high school, especially for Brainsick.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oaxacan Hummingbird Hound, Stage 6 COMPLETE!

^ Post-It Notes arranged to leave only the neck visible. 

^ Canary Yellow painted at top; priming layer of Process Red
at the bottom. 

^ Orange, Yellowed Orange, and Sunburst Orange added. 

^ Carmine Red used to blend Orange and Process Red.
The neck is now painted, sans its markings. 

^ Smaller teardrop shapes colored within neck markings. 

^ Markings outlined with Copenhagen Blue.

 ^ Primed with Copenhagen Blue.

^ Upper two markings painted; I finished them off with
True Blue and Deco Blue. 

^ The neck is now fully painted! 

^ Pulling back to show the last portion left:
the forelegs and chest. 

^ Marking inked onto foreleg with ballpoint. 

^ Post-It Note arrangement leaving working
space visible. 

^ Forelegs begin with priming layers of Dark Purple
and Process Red. I gradually add Dahlia Purple and Mulberry. 

^ Outer forelegs painted; now for the markings. 

^ The foreleg markings are painted with Copenhagen Blue,
True Blue, and Deco Blue, as with the neck markings. 

^ Scapula and humerus colored with True Blue Verithin,
darkened with True Blue, and finally blended with the
Colorless Blender. 

^ I tackle the chest with Copenhagen Blue, Process Red,
Dahlia Purple, Mulberry, and a bit of Dark Purple. 

^ Priming continued into rib area. 

^ Spaces around ribs colored. 

^ The Oaxacan Hummingbird Hound is COMPLETE!
^ Color-corrected in PS.

Oaxacan Hummingbird Hound, Stage 5!

^ I fix the scapula and humerus, then ink them with ballpoint. 

^ I also fix the pelvis and femur. 

^ Black markings outlined with Verithin. 

^ Post-It Note arrangement used to color in
the black markings. I try to keep the
surrounding white space as clean as possible. 

^ Black markings completed! 

^ "Surgery view" on the hip and hock. 

^ Partially colored hock / heel. 

^ Colored spiral. 

^ Outer flank painted. 

^ Impressed lines added to inner flank around pelvis and femur. 

^ Priming layer of Aquamarine. 

^ Yellow Chartreuse, Chartreuse, Apple Green,
and Peacock Green complete this portion. 

^ The same goes for this portion. 

^ Almost fully-painted left hind leg. 

^ The Oaxacan Hummingbird Hound's hind legs are finished!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oaxacan Hummingbird Hound, Stage 4!

^ Post-It Note takeover in preparation for
finishing the tail. 

^ Priming layer of Aquamarine. 

^ Yellow Chartreuse added. 

^ Fluff outlined with Apple Green Verithin. 

^ Peacock Green added to help darken the fur
for sgraffito.

 ^ Fully painted with the addition of
Apple Green and Chartreuse.

^ Highlights added with White after being scraped out. 

^ Hind paws up next! Outlined with True Blue Verithin. 

^ Primed with True Blue and Indigo Blue. 

^ Painted with Copenhagen Blue and finishing layers
of True Blue and Indigo Blue. 

^ An up-to-date look at the Oaxacan Hummingbird Hound!

Progress has been slower than I'd wanted, so I want to finish as much tonight as possible. These photos were taken on the 12th.