Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oaxacan Hummingbird Hound, Stage 2!

^ These pencils have become too short to keep in
a baby food jar. 

^ My solution: put them in the lid of an old Cara Mia
marinated artichoke hearts jar!

^ As with the mane, I use a sgraffito technique
on the Hummingbird Hound's fringe and tufts. 

^ Left hind foot tuft. 

^ Right hind foot tuft.

^ I continue the neck marking up onto the head with pencil. 

^ Scroll-like swirls drawn onto jaw with True Blue Verithin. 

^ Priming on neck stripes. 

 ^ More priming in between impressed lines.

^ Neck painted! 

^ I begin priming the face with Process Red. 

^ More priming with Dark Purple. 

^ Starting with Mulberry, I paint part of the face
near the eye and finish with Process Red. 

^ Painting completed with Mulberry and more Dark Purple. 

^ Scroll pattern painted with True Blue. 

 ^ Pulling back to show progress thus far.
This Oaxacan has a bit of a Dia de Los Muertos flair to it.

^ Thin tail drawn onto tail fluff. 

^ Priming begun with True Blue and Mulberry. 

^ Priming continued with some Violet and Ultramarine.

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