Thursday, January 27, 2011

Costumed Figure Drawing Final: Femme Fatale

13.5" h x 18" w
cold press watercolor paper
Speedball Super Pigmented Acrylic Ink (Super Black)
Liquitex Professional Acrylic ink! (Phthalocyanine Blue (Green Shade) / Yellow Medium Azo and Titanium White)
#1 round brush for outlines
1/2" angular shader brush for washes / coverage

I will upload photos soon showing how I used masking tape and masking fluid to keep things in order.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sketchbook_Brain Drain 3 Pg. 051: Uyne

Uyné was the first critter I ever posted on this blog, so I thought I should give him / it a post of honor. He's in my new header, though I cannot for the life of me save the damn thing without it blurring once it's uploaded here. Grrr.

Uyné'Zhat-no-ej'Mophest, "One Feared for its Mouth," has been around since 2006. He's one of my favorite fantasy beasts.

Sketched while home for Christmas break using a 50% Grey Prismacolor marker and India ink (and none other than the 513EF nib).

Whenever I post personal characters, they will be watermarked. I'm protective of my brainchildren.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Latest draft with Heather's corrections, and fun with ink!

(I sure like the exclamation point.)

^ Met up with Heather today - along with Grace and Eric - to get pointers on being a key cleanup assistant. Heather had asked to see my draft after we were finished; she made this overlay with streamlined corrections. Awesome!

^ Here is the overlay by itself. Heather smoothed out some odd anatomy choices I'd made, moved her left foot for balance (and added the right foot, partially hidden), and made the gun less clunky. Her corrections were very helpful and are great inspiration to start on the final piece.

^ Last but not least, a study page from the other night using Speedball Super Pigmented Acrylics (Scarlet Red and Teal Green) and Liquitex ink! Professional Acrylic (from a 6-color set Mom bought for me).

These inks mix beautifully. Making watercolor and ink studies is one of my favorite ways to relax.

Costumed Figure Drawing studies: warm and cool!

^ 7" x 10" study with Speedball Super Pigmented Acrylic Scarlet Red. Getting a better feel for the exaggeration here.

^ Study on letter-size sketchbook paper (the fifth page of Brain Drain #4!). I sketched the character, inked the black accents with a #1 round brush, and added the background color with a Muted Turquoise Prismacolor marker. I'm fond of this study and will reproduce it for the final piece, unless...

^ of these looks better. Initially, I drew blocks of color on the study above this one, then colored in more of the background as I've been mixing some neat colors with my Liquitex ink! (the exclamation point is part of the name, heh). The first two are trying to figure out how to work mostly-colored background, and the right shows the color blocks idea.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Costumed Figure Drawing studies!

Some brush pen studies done in my 7" x 10" watercolor pad. I wanted to push the proportions and gesture to make something unique from the photo. Inspired by Michael Mattesi's Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators. I need to continue reading it.

I really like the silhouette of the bottom pose. I'm not sure whether I should show the left (viewer's right) foot; my aunt suggested to perhaps have it coming slightly off the outside of her thigh. Any suggestions are welcome.

Don't mind my habit of labeling every page; I'm a dork like that.

Oh, and for Brainsick enthusiasts, I have created a separate blog to showcase the work I've done since its creation in 2001: Art of Brainsick by JML!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello, 2011!

It's refresh time. I've been neglecting this blog, so I think starting fresh may help me keep it updated. Let's see how this works, eh?

^ Studies for the first assignment in Lee's Costumed Figure Drawing class. All inks are Speedball Super Pigmented Acrylic, some of my favorite to work with. I did these late last night after tidying my room. Organization is conducive to productivity! Paper is ProArt Professional Weight Watercolor.

7" x 10", done with Hunt Globe 513EF bowl-pointed nib, a #1 round brush, and a 1/2" angular shader brush.