Saturday, January 22, 2011

Latest draft with Heather's corrections, and fun with ink!

(I sure like the exclamation point.)

^ Met up with Heather today - along with Grace and Eric - to get pointers on being a key cleanup assistant. Heather had asked to see my draft after we were finished; she made this overlay with streamlined corrections. Awesome!

^ Here is the overlay by itself. Heather smoothed out some odd anatomy choices I'd made, moved her left foot for balance (and added the right foot, partially hidden), and made the gun less clunky. Her corrections were very helpful and are great inspiration to start on the final piece.

^ Last but not least, a study page from the other night using Speedball Super Pigmented Acrylics (Scarlet Red and Teal Green) and Liquitex ink! Professional Acrylic (from a 6-color set Mom bought for me).

These inks mix beautifully. Making watercolor and ink studies is one of my favorite ways to relax.
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