Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sketchbook_Brain Drain 3 Pg. 051: Uyne

Uyné was the first critter I ever posted on this blog, so I thought I should give him / it a post of honor. He's in my new header, though I cannot for the life of me save the damn thing without it blurring once it's uploaded here. Grrr.

Uyné'Zhat-no-ej'Mophest, "One Feared for its Mouth," has been around since 2006. He's one of my favorite fantasy beasts.

Sketched while home for Christmas break using a 50% Grey Prismacolor marker and India ink (and none other than the 513EF nib).

Whenever I post personal characters, they will be watermarked. I'm protective of my brainchildren.
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