Saturday, April 30, 2011

Paranoid's WIP model sheet / expression chart!

^ Rough layout of Paranoid's model sheet, which will include several expressions and facial studies (eyes, ears, nose, etc.). Not all expressions I've drawn are here, and some will be redrawn to be more on model.

Loads 'n' loads of cats!

^ More studies of cats, much of them done during Senior Studio II, to help me develop and hone Lily's design.

The Photogenic Mr. Gibbs in Gestures!

^ All drawn from photos I took using my camera's "Burst Shot" mode; it allows me to take continuous shots, so I got some really nice photos of Mr. Gibbs going about his catlike business.

Three pages o' Pixelovely gestures!

Parlez-vous Pixelovely?

^ This page was textured with some used Blackberry Mojito loose leaf tea I bought from Teavana. SO worth the purchase.

^ Various studies a la pixelovely. Lots of cats now that I'm working on honing Lily's design.

April 15 open figure drawing session (with turtles)!

^ After Za's cleanup workshop, I attented week 2's open figure drawing session from 5 - 7.

The model happened to be the very first live model I'd drawn from when I started college.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cheshire Cat update!

^ Drawn on tracing paper over the original sketch. I pronounced the angles in his design slightly, including a flattened head and chest.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Recent Brainsick sketches, and Uyne's skull!

^ Inspired by Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" - and the cover by Emilíana Torrini, which I really like.

^ Quick gestures done the first day of Senior Studio II.

^ More quick studies from the first day of SSII. Wonky anatomy galore!

^ Reworkings of an older concept featuring Paranoid and the iconic syringe. Trying to keep him confined to a triangle was fun.

^ Finch and Anne have a complicated relationship, fraught with terror and relentless mind games. Anne was a savior at one point - now she is nothing more than a jailer.

^ Skull ortho for good ol' Uyné. I referenced several skulls to design his; while I tried to keep biomechanics in mind, I don't know if this is a feasible design. But it sure was fun to draw!

Zoo sketches from Thursday, April 7!

On the first Thursday of the term, I decided to take advantage of the dry weather and head to the zoo to sketch; it was practically empty. It was a nice way to spend some of the six hours I had to wait between my morning and night classes.

All sketches done with the Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph #2 technical pen (which may possibly be my one true love).