Friday, October 4, 2013

INKtober, Day 4!

Tailscuff and Friend
6" x 8" acrylic ink on mixed media vellum

Seeing as I began inking last night's piece so late, I wanted to make another small piece for Day 4. Quick and simple!

Tailscuff belongs to the same story / idea / world that Kritchpaw does. I'd meant to introduce him shortly after posting her character development process. The best way to describe Tailscuff: simple, juggernaut, and eager to please. He's a big sweetie who cares deeply about his friends. (The mouse by his paw is, in fact, simply called "Friend.")

Inked with a #2 round brush. I should have used a smaller brush on Friend, but she's still pretty cute.

Two sketchbook pages from May in which I explored Tailscuff's design more thoroughly.
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