Thursday, October 17, 2013

INKtober, Day 17!

Zouelram Ersphe
9 x 12 brush and ink on Canson Montval watercolor paper
Sketchbook page from Creatura 2 (December 8, 2011).
Quick studies created to push the pose.
Tracing paper draft from bottom-left of sketchbook page.

I used a mirror and my own hand as reference for this hand.

Zouelram Ersphe ("soul shepherd"), or Ersphe, is one of Uyné's siblings. Its task is to capture the souls of the wicked so that Uyné may devour them. Ersphe wears a mask in place of the face it lost the day Uyné was poisoned. Typical fantasy head-world shenanigans.

I haven't drawn Ersphe in ages; this was a fun piece! I will return at some point to add shadows, but until then - onward!

Another piece inked with the E85 brush: BRAINSICK: Jessie's pic, progress photos!
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