Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oaxacan Coyote, Stage 7!

Stripes on the neck will be left white with black outlines.
Masking tape wrapped around Verithin to better secure it in
my pencil extender.
Like the neck stripes, these 'ribs' will be white with black outlines.

Before long, I'll return to the Coyote's closeup. Not much left to do on the side view!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Character Development: Kritchpaw

Character development is, for me, often a lengthy process. I may not realize I like a design until I've left it alone for a year or more, only to pick it up again to try and improve it. Such has been the case with Kritchpaw.

She began - as many of my characters have - as one of those silly ideas that simply popped into my head, demanding to be drawn before I forgot. From walleyed goofball to grumpy, reactive fighter, Kritchpaw's design has been a lot of fun to explore. 

I'm not sure what she is exactly. Mutated pet? Alien species? Parallel universe denizen? 

Kritchpaw and a couple other characters I've developed (I'll introduce them soon!) are part of a story I'm keeping in mind, perhaps a short comics venture. Consider it an ode to my love of the odd.

Just a little something to post about before a larger update on the Oaxacan Coyote.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Scratchboard: Fate Up Against Your Will

"Fate Up Against Your Will"
5" x 7" Scratchbord
(yes, the brand is spelled that way)
approx. 45-50 minutes
Sketch from my Creatura sketchbook.
A quick scratchboard experiment based off an older sketch. With better planning (i.e. gesture and composition), I'd like to create a larger scratchboard piece like this one; it's a great medium for moonlit werewolves!

I've got more progress photos for the Oaxacan Coyote coming soon (finally!). The poor guy has been subjected to my fickle inspiration. And to think I sketched him in February.