Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Character Development: Kritchpaw

Character development is, for me, often a lengthy process. I may not realize I like a design until I've left it alone for a year or more, only to pick it up again to try and improve it. Such has been the case with Kritchpaw.

She began - as many of my characters have - as one of those silly ideas that simply popped into my head, demanding to be drawn before I forgot. From walleyed goofball to grumpy, reactive fighter, Kritchpaw's design has been a lot of fun to explore. 

I'm not sure what she is exactly. Mutated pet? Alien species? Parallel universe denizen? 

Kritchpaw and a couple other characters I've developed (I'll introduce them soon!) are part of a story I'm keeping in mind, perhaps a short comics venture. Consider it an ode to my love of the odd.

Just a little something to post about before a larger update on the Oaxacan Coyote.
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