Friday, August 10, 2012

Sketchbook_Creatura 3 Pages 38 - 48!

^ Uzq, one of my many older fantasy critters. 
Compare to 2006: Uzq on deviantART

^ HURRses. 

^ Moraunxi are among my favorite personal creations;
they date back to second grade, when I called them
"flying snake-dogs." 

^ Drawn from a photograph in this fantastic series:

^ This page was lacking something... 

^ Uzq again, along with some attempted fancy handwriting.
I love handwriting, especially with dip pens. 

^ Mr. Kittyhead + ball of string = OTP. 

^ Drawn while listening to Love and Rockets.

Conceptual Design 2009: Creature Design Compendium

All work done for a creature design project from 2009.

I want to develop the final creature more, as well as polish its final painting (which reminds me that I need to practice digital painting again when I can...).

Additionally, I would like to take some of my unused designs and tweak them into finished species.

What do you think of these designs? Do you have any suggestions for the then-final piece, or for any of the previous concepts?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sketchbook_Creatura Page 37: Mr. Kittyhead

Clearly, THIS is now the most beautiful thing I have ever drawn.

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Mr. Kittyhead is some kind of bodybuilder.

He frightens me.

But damn if I didn't laugh myself silly drawing him!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sketchbook_Creatura 3 Pages 1 - 36!

^ Vitriol, a character I adopted from my good friend Ribbontail.

Developmental sketches of Uyné and one of its guardians, Arenket.

^ DeadBeagle is an OLD character of mine.
Recently, I've had thoughts of giving her a little story.

^ Younger Uyné.

Uyné's sibling, Ersphe, is a grumpy thing.
It very much dislikes mortals.

^ More of Uyné and Arenket. They are close friends.

^ Slightly more finalized concepts for the Oaxacan Coyote. 

^ Sketches of Chagrin, a monster I'd created for
Character & Object Design in 2008. She is a feline-primate hybrid.

 ^ This is the most beautiful thing I have ever drawn.
Expect to see a fully-rendered illustration in the future.

^ Pose-pushed coyotes. These are pretty close to what
I want the final version to look like. 

^ I seem to have drawn a Sparkle-Cat. 

^ Pose borrowed from a magnificent sketch of Kerchak by Paul Felix.
Uyné is not known for its anger, but when it does get angry, WATCH. OUT.

Long time, no post! Not in three solid months, to be exact. A job can do that. 

My last day at my temp job was yesterday, though my boss may ask for more help in the future on an as-needed basis. Of course, I cannot rely on this in light of the fact I need to move out this month (which I look forward to), so I am looking for another job.

I need to draw more study work.