Thursday, December 8, 2016

INKvember 2016, #3: Imprisonment

INKvember 2016, #3: BRAINSICK : Imprisonment

Trussed in ropes that span the night
and threads that cover day,
We each hang victim to delight
in seeing others fray.

Initial rough sketch of Paranoid; adjusted proportions. 

Decay's markings penciled in.

Marking's filled with tightly-spaced scribbles. 

Drawing board setup!

Nothing triggers my astigmatism like inking fine lines...

Working at my aunt and uncle's Rockaway Beach home.

At 22.5" high and 15" wide, this is my largest ink drawing to date!

Goofy self-portrait for reference. 

I wasn't happy with how I'd inked Lily's face; I removed the line with an X-Acto knife and redrew it.

First-pass outlines on Paranoid.

I worked at the kitchen table for a few hours. Good to change it up sometimes!

Diluted FW Acrylic ink.
First-pass ink wash on Lily.

Tying the comp together... almost literally.

Lily's markings brushed in with diluted acrylic.

Due to its size, I can't scan this from home. I made nineteen scans earlier this week and they still won't piece together properly in Photoshop. If I want to scan this, I'm going to have to take it in!