Monday, October 20, 2014

INKtober 2014, Day 15!

Day 15: Canine Lily & Feline Paranoid

(cropped) 9x12 pen and ink on bristol paper

Bah, another unfinished piece. I wanted to give Canine Lily and Feline Paranoid a background. At this point, that's not going to happen. But it was a fun excuse to species-swap my protagonists! Allyson suggested it a while back and I couldn't resist the prompt. Canine Lily would be a Pharaoh hound / Ibizan hound and Feline Paranoid would be a Ragdoll mix.

Col-Erase sketch.
Canine Lily inked with a Hiro 60 1/2 nib.
Feline Paranoid inked with a Hiro 45 nib.
Sketchbook page from July 2013.

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