Thursday, October 16, 2014

INKtober 2014, Day 10!

Day 10: Mercy and Indignation

9x12 pen and ink on Bee Stipple Paper

My second INKtober has been fraught with indecision and hesitancy. Between my day job and the conviction my skills haven't improved, I've had some difficulty drawing. Writing a list of possibilities was more fun than their execution.

But I keep telling myself that I must not be afraid of failure. Failure is conducive to success.

This drawing isn't necessarily a failure, though lots of things could be improved (namely adding the couch Finch and Anne are supposed to be sitting on). I'm going to leave it be and march on; an instance of liking the sketch(es) more than the inks.

Tracing paper draft from April.

Older work:

Sketchbook page from October 2012.

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