Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oaxacan Hummingbird Hound, Stage 1!

^ As with the Oaxacan Fox, I begin the Oaxacan
Hummingbird Hound by coloring its mouth. 

^ Next up is the eye ring. Using the soft core True Blue
to prime, I touch up the edges with a True Blue Verithin
and finish off with another layer of the soft core pencil. 

^ Eye ring and eye colored! 

^ I start the mane off with layers of True Blue. 

^ I add Mulberry to the mane. 

^ Using a Dahlia Purple Verithin, I outline
the mane to keep its edges crisp. 

^ I use Violet to darken the mane. 

^ Ultramarine helps darken the mane further. 

^ With all the colors added, I color over them
with Black for a sgraffito effect. 

 ^ The sgraffito truly comes into play when I
scrape the Black away with an X-Acto knife,
revealing the colors beneath.

^ Sgraffito done! I've touched up the colors
so that as little white shows through as possible. 

^ When my pencils get this short, I use a pencil extender
to get as much use out of them as I can. The masking
tape keeps them from shifting in the extender. 

^ Fully secured pencil. 

^ Closeup of the Hummingbird Hound's bill. 

^ The Oaxacan Hummingbird Hound as it stands now.
I added some highlights to the mane with White.

This stage shows about 78 timed minutes of work.
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