Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oaxacan Hummingbird Hound, Stage 6 COMPLETE!

^ Post-It Notes arranged to leave only the neck visible. 

^ Canary Yellow painted at top; priming layer of Process Red
at the bottom. 

^ Orange, Yellowed Orange, and Sunburst Orange added. 

^ Carmine Red used to blend Orange and Process Red.
The neck is now painted, sans its markings. 

^ Smaller teardrop shapes colored within neck markings. 

^ Markings outlined with Copenhagen Blue.

 ^ Primed with Copenhagen Blue.

^ Upper two markings painted; I finished them off with
True Blue and Deco Blue. 

^ The neck is now fully painted! 

^ Pulling back to show the last portion left:
the forelegs and chest. 

^ Marking inked onto foreleg with ballpoint. 

^ Post-It Note arrangement leaving working
space visible. 

^ Forelegs begin with priming layers of Dark Purple
and Process Red. I gradually add Dahlia Purple and Mulberry. 

^ Outer forelegs painted; now for the markings. 

^ The foreleg markings are painted with Copenhagen Blue,
True Blue, and Deco Blue, as with the neck markings. 

^ Scapula and humerus colored with True Blue Verithin,
darkened with True Blue, and finally blended with the
Colorless Blender. 

^ I tackle the chest with Copenhagen Blue, Process Red,
Dahlia Purple, Mulberry, and a bit of Dark Purple. 

^ Priming continued into rib area. 

^ Spaces around ribs colored. 

^ The Oaxacan Hummingbird Hound is COMPLETE!
^ Color-corrected in PS.
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