Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oaxacan Hummingbird Hound, Stage 4!

^ Post-It Note takeover in preparation for
finishing the tail. 

^ Priming layer of Aquamarine. 

^ Yellow Chartreuse added. 

^ Fluff outlined with Apple Green Verithin. 

^ Peacock Green added to help darken the fur
for sgraffito.

 ^ Fully painted with the addition of
Apple Green and Chartreuse.

^ Highlights added with White after being scraped out. 

^ Hind paws up next! Outlined with True Blue Verithin. 

^ Primed with True Blue and Indigo Blue. 

^ Painted with Copenhagen Blue and finishing layers
of True Blue and Indigo Blue. 

^ An up-to-date look at the Oaxacan Hummingbird Hound!

Progress has been slower than I'd wanted, so I want to finish as much tonight as possible. These photos were taken on the 12th.
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