Saturday, March 18, 2017

January 2017 sketchbook / Creatuanary art!

Sculpey kitty-dog I ended up giving to Mom!  

Day 1: Harpy (Grizelle, from Paradigm Chimera)

Day 2: Hippocampus (whale-based!)

Interlude: Oaxacan Honeybee for my friend, Elsa! It was actually a gift for her beekeeper friends; they give her honey throughout the year. She told me they loved it! 

Final details added with colored pencil.

Visited Mom's work after hanging out with Elsa. Mom has a bunch of my early Sculpey figurines at her cubicle. :D

Finch and I contemplate the meaning of being 29.

Day 3: Stirge (mosquito-bat hybrid from Dungeons and Dragons)

Day 4: Chimera

Day 5: Lamia

Day 6: Hydra

Day 7: Tzika

Day 8: Gryphon (Silverclaw, from Legacy [working title])

Day 9: Mutated T-rex

Sir John Hurt passed away on January 25th. Three of his films had immeasurable impact on me as an artist and person: Watership Down, The Plague Dogs, and The Elephant Man. I drew Hazel, Snitter, and Joseph "John" Merrick, respectively, to represent each film.

Musky, my faithful Smilodon model.

Day 10: Manticore (based off of Musky)

Mass catch-up strikes again!

I jumped on the Creatuanary train a little late. I completed only 10 of 31 prompts, but it was still needed practice! The early months of any given year are when I'm at my most fickle. I like having different things to do, even when I try to complete a drawing challenge.