Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Card 2012: Barn Owl linocut!

4" x 6" unmounted linoleum; cutting begun on bench hook / inking plate.
I can turn the linoleum as I work for easier cutting.
Closeup on the owl's face!
Linoleum scraps. They add up quickly!
Detail of the number 5 Speedball cutting tip, which I used to
remove the large background areas.
Background fully cut! Now adding the details.
The owl gains its feathers.
Different lighting, just for fun.
Sketchbook drafts and finished linoleum side-by-side.
Two sketchbook test prints and inked linoleum.
Closeup of inked linoleum.
First Christmas card printed! I made eight in total.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BRAINSICK: Alliance of Disregard revamp mock-up!

In addition to mocking up a large Christmas gift in Photoshop (of which you will hear nothing until it's completely done), I've created a rough revamp for another Brainsick illustration.

Sketchbook roughs in preparation for new piece.
Alliance of Disregard began as a glorified sketch in my sketchbook. I transferred the sketch to marker paper for the final piece, then inked it with Pigma Microns. The solid black areas are stippled.
Alliance of Disregard sketch (2006)
Alliance of Disregard (2006)
Alliance of Disregard digital mock-up (2012)

NOTE: the final illustration will not include type; "Alliance of Disregard" will be handwritten, just as it was in the 2006 rendition. The new piece will be inked on 14" x 17" smooth bristol paper.

The composition is fairly set, but if there are any glaring tangents that pop out, please feel free to mention them. As it is, the bottom-right quarter of the mock-up has more neutral space than I'd like. I may fill it up with some tendrils as I did in 2006.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

BRAINSICK: Lost It. Can't Get It BACK. [progress!]

It's not often I write about Brainsick publicly. I've become more and more hesitant to share it. Its characters are among my most cherished creations. With them, I can explore themes that have always fascinated me, as well as aspects of my own personality manifested in wildly different personas.

Lost It. Can't Get It BACK. is an older Brainsick concept depicting Paranoid's worsening hallucinations. This newest rendition was an opportunity for me to take my technical pens for a joy ride. I love them for sketching; they're amazing for illustration.
Desk setup, including an earlier revamp from January.
Lost It. Can't Get It BACK. (2005)
Lost It. Can't Get It BACK. (2006)
Sketch page gestures created with number 2 Rapidograph.
Rough linework based off recent sketches.

I used pen size 4 to get the thick lines on Paranoid's near paw.

I pay special attention to paw details.
(I love drawing animal feet of all types.)
Macro on 00 Rapidograph technical pen.

Progress shot featuring Rapidograph numbers 2, 00, 3x0, 1, and 3.
Fur detailed with 3x0 and 00 Rapidograph pens.

Paw fully detailed!
Lost It. Can't Get It BACK. (2012)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A harpy and a cat!

There is a 30-Day Monster Girl Challenge going around.
First on the list is a harpy!

This grumpy fellow is directly inspired by a
Louis Wain piece entitled "All At Sea."

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sketchbook_Creatura Pages 49 - 58!

Quick handwriting practice featuring VNV Nation lyrics ("Secondskin").

Uyné and Bobbin hanging out. Bobbin doesn't seem too thrilled. 

Another sketch of Vitriol, adopted from my friend Ribbontail on dA. 

Sketches for Mom's birthday card, inspired by the cat art of Louis Wain. 

Blame IM conversations for the Tit Owl.

The Whiptiger is based off of something I drew as a five-year-old:


This guy is some kind of harvester / serial killer.
He devours any and all living organisms and 
reconstitutes them into his body.

He can no longer use his legs, relying instead on extraneous limbs to move around.

I have strange dreams, but not often are they this strange.

Developing the face a little more.

Still not quite creepy enough, but getting there.

Initial sketches from dream, 2011

Quick study of my bearded dragon, Draco.