Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sketchbook_Creatura Pages 49 - 58!

Quick handwriting practice featuring VNV Nation lyrics ("Secondskin").

Uyné and Bobbin hanging out. Bobbin doesn't seem too thrilled. 

Another sketch of Vitriol, adopted from my friend Ribbontail on dA. 

Sketches for Mom's birthday card, inspired by the cat art of Louis Wain. 

Blame IM conversations for the Tit Owl.

The Whiptiger is based off of something I drew as a five-year-old:


This guy is some kind of harvester / serial killer.
He devours any and all living organisms and 
reconstitutes them into his body.

He can no longer use his legs, relying instead on extraneous limbs to move around.

I have strange dreams, but not often are they this strange.

Developing the face a little more.

Still not quite creepy enough, but getting there.

Initial sketches from dream, 2011

Quick study of my bearded dragon, Draco.
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