Thursday, March 19, 2015

BRAINSICK: Heads and Hearts in Opposition

Heads and Hearts in Opposition
approx. 6x9 technical pen on smooth bristol

One of my goals this year is to keep practicing my inks before INKtober hits.

I've been drawing in ink for years. While my skills have improved over time, I still don't feel like I've quite hit my ideal 'look.' Drawings like this one help me think I'm getting closer.

This is yet another idea that's been with me for a few years, as seen in these sketchbook pages:

Both drawn in 2012.

I revisited the concept last year:

- and yet again this year:

I need to draw a portrait of Anne without her being a floating head.
Drawings on right referenced from mirror...
but Anne still has an ear-arm.

Auto-Align didn't quite work out for these pages...

Searching for better shapes; tracing paper draft made from sketchbook page.

Finch is asexual. Anne's advances are mostly psychological warfare.