Monday, June 13, 2011

Advanced Concept Design: final Cheshire Cat colors!

^ My final version of the Cheshire Cat for my Advanced Concept Design team / class (the final of which starts in about 45 minutes!).

I have a TONTONTON of artwork to post as soon as I'm - done with college. Hard to believe I graduate on Friday, but I'm ready. Ready!

...And I really, REALLY want to create more work in this style. Thank you, Photoshop, for your Lock Transparency ability.


  1. I'm going to miss you! I will definitely be stalking your blog even harder after you leave.
    Also: This Cheshire cat is amazing. I love the design and his tail so much.

  2. I missed you and everyone else SO MUCH while I was gone! Are you part of the production team this term? - 'cause I'm going to volunteer my help again on Fridays! <3

    Thank you so much, Laryssa! I'd like to take this Cheshire Cat further along with my concept group's other characters. We plan on making a blog for everything at some point.