Friday, December 5, 2014

Scratchbord: Fate Up Against Your Will 2014 & palimpsest!

 Fate Up Against Your Will 2014
5" x 7" Scratchbord (scratchboard)

A redo of a piece some of you may recognize: Fate Up Against Your Will.

I'm not sure if this werewolf looks shocked about his transformation or if he's just singing opera.

Maybe both.

I went crazy with the fiber brush...

Since Scratchbord is coated with India ink, I was able to fix the background with more ink - in my case, Liquitex Professional Acrylic ink! Better contrast now... though there's no way that's a circular moon. I want to keep experimenting with Scratchbord, but it's spendy. Need to save up for it.

I've found an excuse to use the word palimpsest...
This was an experimentation piece, something to test out the new Scratchbord tools I bought at the start of the year. And because I didn't want to use my new Scratchbord for it, I made it over this:

Finch is almost always sadfacing.
HOLY WOW. I'm so sorry, Finch. 2004 wasn't a great time for drawing my human characters, but I tried. This photo shall be the only proof this sad little Scratchbord attempt existed. Bye, old Finch!

I've long wanted to create BIG Scratchbord pieces for Brainsick scenes. Again, must save up for it...