Wednesday, July 2, 2014

RoAnna's graduation gift!

My friend RoAnna graduated recently! I wanted to post these drawings sooner, but I figured it might be better to wrap up the 30 Day Art Challenge first. Ro loves bunnies and Gargoyles, so I wanted to combine the two into something fun: a gargoyle bunny and its bunny gargoyle companion.

It was a good opportunity to practice my cleanup skills. I'm pretty rusty, but I'm happy with how this turned out. 

Quick concepts in putting gargoyle features on a rabbit and rabbit features on a gargoyle.

Construction drawing used as the basis for the final at top.
A BIG congratulations to you again, Ro! :D

30 Day Art Challenge, Day 30!

Day 30: Draw something you'd like to share with your followers.

As a thank you to all those who have followed my first 30 Day Art Challenge, here are some happy hummingbird hound pups to brighten your day!

30 Day Art Challenge, Day 28 and 29!

Day 28: Draw a room.

Day 29: Draw your favorite weather.

One of my favorite types of weather consists of stormy skies with sun breaks. I took well over a hundred reference photos of such weather during two recent bike rides on Powell Butte. I'll make better studies from them soon!

My current room is a super-snug art space. This is a decently close floor plan. I've made the most of my space and have a lot of vertical shelving to accommodate my supplies. I'd wanted to practice isometric drawing with my room; something to come back to later.

30 Day Art Challenge, Day 27!

Day 27: Draw your favorite scene from a movie.

"I just kissed an owl."

Drawn from screencap.

Fievel Goes West is still one of my all-time favorite movies. I'd wanted to adapt this scene more to my 'style,' but I decided to keep it simple and just practice by drawing from a still.