Monday, January 2, 2012

Oaxacan Fox, Stage 1!

^ I color the Fox's mouth first. 

^ Lines impressed into ears with a stylus. 

^ Right ear (viewer's left) colored first, sans spiral. 

^ Left ear primed with True Blue. 

^ More priming with Ultramarine. 

^ Left inner ear painted! 

^ I outlined the inner ear with Dark Umber. 

^ Painted outline. 

^ Outer ears impressed with a stylus. 

^ Impressed lines colored Orange. 

^ Outer ears painted. 

^ Pulling back to show progress thus far. 

^ Pupils colored. 

^ Muzzle colored. 

^ Closeup showing two-toned eyes and impressed cheek spots. 

^ More of the face is colored. 

^ The head is finished! I opted to color its inner ear spirals.

^ Closeup for details.

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