Monday, September 12, 2011

Oaxacan Big Cat, Stage 5!

^ Colored impressed lines on the base of the tail.

^ Partially primed left hind paw. Orange complements used to give a sense of depth.

^ Mostly primed right hind paw.

^ Both hind paws are now mostly primed.

^ Toes painted on the left hind paw.

^ Toes painted on the right hind paw.

^ Pulling back to show the Big Cat's "boots."

^ Outlining the haunch section prior to adding impressed color spots.

^ Post-It Notes take over yet again to help prevent smudging.

^ Using an X-Acto knife, I chisel the color pencil tip into a wedge.

^ Impressed spot pattern on the right hind leg...

^ ...and on the left hind leg.

^ Primed with a dark complement, again to show some depth.

^ Pattern finished!

^ An up-to-date look at the Big Cat.

Very little left to color at this point. For the haunch, I'm considering repeating the gradient on the face. The tail is going to be a mix of all the used patterns.
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