Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oaxacan Big Cat, Stage 4!

^ Primed shoulder with impressed spiral pattern.

^ Primed to painted.

^ Pulling back to show finished shoulder area. Belly is next!

^ Belly primed...

^ ...and painted.

^ This is the main group of colored pencils I'm using for the Big Cat.

^ First "rib" colored in (includes impressed-line border).

^ Macro on the ribs, showing how shiny Prismacolors get when layered, thanks to their slightly waxy consistency.

^ Ribs colored, back partially primed.

^ Post-It Note takeover!

^ Mostly-painted section, showing a bit of the primed layer left.

^ Fully painted.

^ This is an up-to-date look at the Big Cat.

More progress photos to come soon!

Bonus: find my spelling errors on my watermarks. They're funny. I'll go back and fix them eventually, but it's late. (Also: the lower watermarks on most of these are too faint. Hurm.)

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  1. I love watching your process. These are absolutely beautiful. You always had such a wonderful handle on vivid colors for your critters. Can't wait to see the finish!