Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oaxacan Big Cat, Stage 7 COMPLETE!

^ Color study made in my faux-Moleskine sketchbook, buffed with a cotton ball.

^ Preparation for the final portion of the Big Cat - and fun with a lamp.

^ Regular lighting. Most of the colored areas / background are safe from smudges and particles.

^ Numbers penciled in following color study to help place colors correctly.

^ Priming at the base of the tail.

^ Most of the tail at this point has been primed.

^ Closeup of the tip of the tail.

^ Repeated impressed spot pattern from the legs.

^ Tail finished!

Final stage of the Big Cat - but it needs something...

^ More contrast is the answer, and a repeated spiral motif mimicking that on the shoulder. Spiral gently scraped into bristol with an X-Acto knife to remove top layer.

^ The Oaxacan Big Cat is COMPLETE!

Thank you for following its progress. It means a lot to me!

A scan of the illustration will be up soon.

Next up in the series: Oaxacan Hummingbird.

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