Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oaxacan Big Cat, Stage 3!

^ I use Post-It Notes and scrap pieces of paper to keep uncolored (and finished) portions of the illustration clean. I'm preparing to work on the Big Cat's forelegs.

^ Partially-completed foreleg.

^ Closeup of the foreleg area.

^ Primed area which includes a spot in need of correction (the impression along the bottom of the paw).

^ Pulling back to show the Big Cat's finished "mittens" on its forelegs.

^ Closeup of the foreleg showing another pattern that has been sketched in.

^ Another work space shot.

^ I didn't use a stylus for every impressed line; for this pattern, I pressed a colored pencil hard enough to indent the paper slightly.

^ Colored around the impressed spots. It has a nice effect and is fairly quick.

^ Inner foreleg patch colored. I love neon greens!

^ Preparing to work on the same impressed-spot area of the other foreleg. Post-It Notes and scrap paper galore!

^ The finished impressed-spot area.

^ Working on the toes. The dewclaw is finished, whereas the larger toes have been primed.

^ Paws completed! Forelegs almost done.

^ Closeup of the right forepaw.

^ Forelegs completed!

^ Closeup of another impressed-line pattern.

^ A shot of the head after I polished it up a bit.

^ How every section begins: slowly priming bit by bit.

^ Closeup of the golden eyebrow line. I added it by gently scraping some of the purple away with an X-Acto knife and recoloring.

Photos showing the progress on the Big Cat's forelegs.

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