Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oaxacan Big Cat, Stage 2!

^ Spiral pattern begun on neck using impressed lines with a stylus.

^ Impressed lines - colored over with the pencils - create a fun pattern.

^ Neck colored solid to help break up the patterns.

^ Pattern surrounding the neck and chest begun. I start off with short, circular strokes to "prime" each area, then build up color layer by layer, often with complements.

^ Primed area around impressed lines.

^ Fully layered area of solid color.

^ Shout-out to my color wheel; it reminds me of which complements to use for each color, and of different color schemes.

^ Pattern surrounding neck and chest complete! This area was particularly fun to color.

^ Closeup of the finished area.

^ Pulling back to show finished chest area.

^ Closeup of the finished neck and chest area together.

Stage 2, showing the progression on the neck and chest.
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