Monday, October 26, 2015

INKtober 2015, Day 23, Drawing 2!

INKtober 2015, Day 23 (2): Cleansed in Silence
5x8 Derwent Inktense and acrylic ink on cold-pressed watercolor paper

A rough sketch that turned into a decent finished piece. I adore Derwent Inktense pencils, but I don't use them nearly as much as I should. Inktense pencils are water soluble ink pencils. You can use them dry, but they yield stunning, vibrant colors when used with water.

I like this piece because I approached it the same way I approach sketches: perfection doesn't matter.

The playlist for this drawing is as follows:

"Cold" - VNV Nation*
"Cold" - Tears For Fears
"Rain Falls Down" - Assemblage 23
"Cars (Hybrid Version)" - Gary Numan
"Enjoy the Silence" - Depeche Mode
"Legion (Janus)" - VNV Nation
"Complacent" - Assemblage 23
"Psychobabble" - Frou Frou
"Sleep Together" - Porcupine Tree*
"Enjoy" - Bjork*

* How appropriate that some of Anne's themes popped up. VNV Nation's "Cold" is one of the most prominent among them: All I am and all you see / Is all I will and ever be.

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