Monday, October 26, 2015

INKtober 2015, Day 16, Drawing 3!

INKtober 2015, Day 16 (3): Kneel at the Feet of the Choices You Make
9x12 technical pen / brush and ink on stipple paper

Draft compared to sketchbook page drawn last year.

00 Rapidograph used for Anne's hair.

Title borrowed from Massive Attack's song, "Bulletproof Love" (also called "Flat of the Blade").

There's a discrepancy in the lyrics that I can't seem to solve. They could be "Kneel at the feet..." or "Kneel at defeat at the choices you make." Either is appropriate to Finch's situation. This scene occurs 11 years prior to the start of Brainsick. Finch is 18; Anne is 38.

Sketched on the 15th, inking begun; finished on the 16th.

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