Wednesday, October 9, 2013

INKtober, Day 8!

Stand down, Uyné
9 x 12 pen and ink / ink wash on smooth bristol

Left: sketchbook page from late last year. Right: tracing paper draft.

Finished pencil draft.
I start inking with the Hiro 45. It yields well to varying pressures.

The Hiro 60-1/2 is excellent for inking very fine lines.

Ezthlitofett's head and neck were inked with a Hunt 107 nib.

Uyné (the larger of the two) and Ezthlitofett hail from my fantasy story, (working title) LegacyUyné is a godling tasked with devouring the souls of the wicked. When it is poisoned by a vengeful rival, Uyné attacks and kills one of its siblings. Ezthlitofett takes it upon himself to calm the distraught godling - easier said than done. 

I haven't drawn backgrounds in ages, and I think it shows. Nonetheless, I wanted to push myself with this piece; I'm happy with it overall. I miss my ol' fantasy critters something fierce and this was a lot of fun to create. 

This is supposed to be a bloody scene. Somehow that slipped my mind! Ezthlitofett is also missing his sword and scabbard. He's not crazy enough to take on a godling with only his bare hands...

Working on Day 8's piece would not have been nearly as engaging without the following epic background music (damn you, Attack on Titan, for being so beautiful).

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