Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sketchbook_Brain Drain 5 Pages 11 - 23

^ More work for Advanced Concept Design - featuring revised Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit designs - as well as some Brainsick stuff for Senior Studio II. I attended Monday morning and got some of Paranoid's expressions down in marker and an HB Staedtler pencil (a la cleanup style model sheet). I've begun studies for Lily and will include similar expressions for her. Both Paranoid and Lily, as well as Finch, will have cleanup model sheets, complete with expressions and poses.

Many of Paranoid's expressions were referenced from dog photos, altered to fit his character. I will alter some of them so that they look more on-model.

Enjoyed some nostalgia after class on Monday: I sat in the cafe at Powell's, bought a delicious sandwich, and focused on 'inking' Paranoid's expressions for a couple hours or so. I spent much of my off-class time during my first several terms in Powell's, reading or drawing.

Spent today at school with my concept team and got some nice drawings completed for Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit. They're both a lot of fun to draw.

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  1. Look'n good again my friend, I really like the idea of the white rabbit in a human mask