Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oaxacan Tree Frog, Stage 2 - BIG POST!

^ Stage 2 begins with the right upper hind leg.
Priming done with Peacock Green.
Spots are partially outlined with Orange Verithin.

^ Apple Green and Chartreuse added. 

^ Spots painted with Pomegranate and Orange. 

^ All spots painted! 

^ Pulling back to show progress thus far. 

^ After protecting most of the drawing, I move on to the forelegs. 

^ Priming begun with Cerulean Blue and Deco Blue,
with a bit of Non-Photo Blue and True Blue.

^ Right foreleg painted! The teardrop markings are
Yellow Chartreuse, Chartreuse, Apple Green, Grass Green,
and Peacock Green, respectively. 

^ Ballpoint re-outlined with True Blue and Orange Verithins. 

^ Cerulean Blue, True Blue, and a bit of Non-Photo Blue
in addition to Deco Blue. Pinky partially painted. 

^ Left foreleg fully painted! 

^ Moving on to the head, I score the Frog's cheek and
far eye with my stylus for texture. Canary Yellow priming
with Dahlia Purple Verithin and Yellowed Orange priming
on the cheek. 

^ Cheek painted! 

^ Canary Yellow fully implemented. I begin outlining
the inner part of the head with Dioxazine Purple Hue. 

^ As with the back markings, the head marking is
primed with Dioxazine Purple Hue, Violet, and Parma Violet. 

^ Spiral marking fully painted!

^ Head is almost fully painted. The blues and purples
don't look like I had hoped, but overall I love the colors. 

^ Foreleg teardrop colors repeated in reverse. 

^ Throat scored with my stylus and primed with Dahlia Purple Verithin. 

 ^ Primed with Canary Yellow.

^ Painting finished with Spanish Orange and Yellowed Orange.
Mouth line outlined with Violet and Dahlia Purple Verithins. 

^ He looks even cheerier than before! 

 ^ When I decide on how I want to color the lower hind legs,
I lightly mark them with my chosen colors.

^ Preparing to color the lower right hind leg. 

^ Teardrop motif continued. Priming begun with Parma Violet
and Dioxazine Purple Hue (I'm going to need to new copy
of the latter soon). 

^ Calf fully painted with addition of Violet. 

^ Foot primed with Canary Yellow, Spanish Orange,
Yellowed Orange,and Orange. Toes outlined with Orange Verithin.

^ Right foot fully painted! I included some Peacock Blue Verithin
to shade the far toes. 

^ The Oaxacan Tree Frog is VERY close to done!

This post represents one of my biggest coloring pushes: about four hours on-and-off, with the final couple of hours done nearly straight through. I'd wanted to finish the Frog tonight entirely, but I had to stop to let my hand rest. I will continue after I wake up: I want to finish this guy tomorrow, vines and all.

I drank leftover coffee at 9:00 PM to help me stay awake. It paid off!

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