Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oaxacan Tree Frog, Stage 1!

^ Final line art, inked with black and green ballpoints. 

^ Completed eye. I used two of Prismacolor's new colors,
Dioxazine Purple Hue and Pomegrante. LOVE them!
I threw in Orange and Dahlia Purple for blending and 
finished the pupil with Black. 

^ Pulling back to show the eye and newly
inked markings. 

^ I prepare to color the markings with my
usual Post-It Note takeover. 

^ Back markings begun with Dioxazine Purple Hue,
Violet, and Parma Violet. 

^ Belly colored with Chartreuse, Apple Green, and Peacock Green.
I used Peacock Blue to blend Peacock Green with Dioxazine Purple Hue.
Bright markings painted with Pomegranate, Orange, Yellowed Orange, and Spanish Orange. 

^ Belly markings continued onto foreleg. 

^ I use another one of Prismacolor's new colors,
Cerulean Blue, to continue priming and painting the back. 

^ Back markings completed with True Blue, Non-Photo Blue,
and Deco Blue. 

^ Foreleg almost finished. 

^ The Oaxacan Tree Frog thus far. Too bad its eye is 
still covered!

I'm going to continue working on the Tree Frog today. Check back for another update later tonight!

Up to this point, I've listened to VNV Nation, Propaganda, and Peter Murphy while painting the Tree Frog.