Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun with "studio" lighting: Oaxacan sculptures and more!

After switching up my lighting arrangement for my art desk, I realized I had an ideal setup to photograph my own still life photos for future colored pencil illustrations.

The giraffe, cat, and turtle are all genuine Oaxacan wood carvings my grandmother had purchased for me several years ago during her trips to Mexico with my grandfather. My parents and brother brought them up when they visited during Christmas. They're wonderful inspiration and will help shape more of my Oaxacan Animal pieces.

I brought the vertebra back from my San Carlos trip last summer. I searched for images of similar bones, but I still have no clue what animal it comes from.

I would like to add some still life pieces to my portfolio, so I grabbed some purchased / found / gifted rocks and items for this purpose.

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