Saturday, October 15, 2016

INKtober 2016, Day 6!

INKtober 2016, Day 6: "It's alright; I'm an emergency vehicle!"
9x12 brush pen on Stonehenge paper

Sketchbook studies made to better understand Cybertronian anatomy. :D

Col-Erase sketch; inking begun using a Pentel Color Brush. 

I'm quite proud of that tire tread texture!

My kitchen counter setup at Mom and Dad's!

I'll say it again: ROBOTS ARE HARD TO DRAW when you're not used to drawing them! But I am a huge nerd (again) for Transformers: Prime right now, and this provided a good challenge for me. Ratchet is one of my favorite characters and Jeffrey Combs does a fantastic job bringing him to life. (It still cracks me up knowing that Combs played Milton Dammers in The Frighteners.)

This drawing is a nod to the episode "Stronger, Faster" (1x22), per Camille's suggestion. HOO-AH!!

I'll definitely try my hand at drawing more of the Prime characters - if not for Inktober, then whenever! I may want to consider buying some action figures for reference. :D

*cue compilation inclusion*

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