Friday, October 21, 2016

INKtober 2016, Day 20!

INKtober 2016, Day 20: The Ferals' Death God
9x12 acrylic ink on Stonehenge paper

Sketchbook page drawn June 15, 2015.
 I LOVED sketching in continuous line when this particular sketchbook was current.

Sketchbook pages exploring 3-point perspective, emphasizing a worm's-eye view.

Let this be a reminder I really need to take up figure drawing again!

...and practice perspective.

Came up with a composition I liked better.
Desk setup: lots of Finch reference!

Something's still off...
AHA! Collars work differently at this angle, Jillian!

Finch Cosaat is a tangle of contradictions: sympathetic, but unsettling; timid, yet no stranger to violence; incapable of and deeply wounded by hate.

His status elevates him to near-divinity among the ferals of The Long Hall, despite his subordinate standing among Anne's employees.

I wasn't feeling too motivated to draw last night; staring at my computer screen all day will do that. (But, it was for a good cause: I created a TeePublic shop after one of their employees personally reached out to me, and I had my first sale this morning! A little icing on the cake.)

Eventually, I kicked my lack of motivation's butt and drew something that turned out a little better than I'd thought it would. Another Stonehenge paper pad completed!

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