Monday, October 3, 2016

INKtober 2016, Day 2!

Inktober 2016, Day 2: Megatron vs. Dinobot
9x12 Sharpie marker on Crescent Rendr paper

Forget Michael Bay's movies; the Transformers cartoons are where it's at (and I've heard that some of the recent comics are good, too!). Being a 90s kid, I have a soft spot in my heart for Beast Wars. Robots who turn into animals? SIGN ME UP.

Dinobot was always one of my favorite characters. I drew a lot of dinosaurs as a kid, but I don't draw them often now. This was a great excuse to jump back on the dinosaur wagon. Throw Tyrannosaurus Megatron in the mix and we've got the ingredients for a badass dino-brawl.

Although my final drawing isn't as epic as I'd planned, I had fun using straight Sharpie to go with the flow. I saved tons of reference for the fight scene, so perhaps I'll revisit it!

If I were to make one crucial change to this drawing, I'd extend Dinobot's forearm feathers so they'd flare out with his raised arms. Dromaeosauridae and Tyrannosauridae had feathers, so I wanted to apply updated paleontology to old character designs. I still love the antiquated dry 'n scaly Beast Wars bastards nonetheless. :D
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