Sunday, October 16, 2016

INKtober 2016, Day 12!

INKtober 2016, Day 12: "I am no glutton, Elwick."
11x14 acrylic ink on smooth bristol paper

Fixed up old sketch I'd started last year.

2010 maquette I'd built for a college class. 

The ink I started off with feathered - not good!

"I am no glutton, Elwick. I am merely what the Fáèl dictate I be: a devourer. Understand, however, that I do not devour the innocent."

Uyné is a gregarious and highly intelligent beast. It's not easy to show, however, when you're feared by evil and good alike. Bobbin grew up with tales of Uyné's indiscriminate gluttony. The Mouth was said to be the most fearsome of The Five: a mindless beast driven by hunger.

Appearances are deceiving, however, and that is the theme behind this interaction. Despite his size, 
Uyné is gentle, and well-finessed with handling delicate visitors.
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