Monday, February 23, 2015

Sketchbook_Brain Drain 17.5 Pages 1 - 11!

I haven't shared any sketchbook pages for a while, so here's a sampling from Brain Drain 17.5.

Why 17.5? I haven't finished BD17, but I really wanted to break in my new Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media sketchbook. It's lovely!

Playing with shapes and stylization.

Cover concept. Covers are HARD.
Might work better as a chapter title page.

Remind me to smile
You know the old friends line
It gets so I feel like
I'm in this cold glass cage
The first version of the sketch above can be found here: Sketchbook_Brain Drain 16 Pages 27 - 36!

Another revamped sketch, initially found here: Sketchbook_Brain Drain 16 Pages 13 - 26!

Jillian, go take some figure drawing classes again.

Based off an earlier sketch using Willy Pogany's
Art of Drawing as reference.
Brush and ink.

Facing pages! This paper is sturdy and handles wet media on both sides
of a single page very well.
Gosh dang awkward arm / hand positioning.

Concept for a full revamp of ABAN-BUIL ANATHEMA.

I'll continue to update with more sketchbook pages. I often like my sketches more than my finished work, and I enjoy sharing my though process.

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