Monday, August 22, 2016

Book cover: The House of Lazarus, Part 1

I am lucky enough to be working on a second book cover for my good friend, author T.L. Bodine! You may remember the cover I did for her short story anthology, The Beast in the Bedchamber, back in 2013.

Her upcoming novel allowed me to work with a new subject: zombies! The sketchbook pages here are an exploration of figure and textures. I'm going to make some digital mockups to show Tiana before I begin the final illustration.

I have a second book cover in the works for another good friend, author and artist Robert A. Sloan. I am illustrating the cover for his novel Elder's Pride, a Raptor Red homage following a family of Smilodon fatalis as they navigate the Californian Pleistocene in search of home territory. Although I took the cover on two years ago, Robert and I have both had setbacks in getting it ready. But I have several study pages to share, and you'll see them soon!
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