Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fan Art: Jasper (Steven Universe) [SPOILERS]

We All Get What We Deserve
11x17 Col-Erase pencil on computer paper

I'm a huge nerd for Steven Universe right now. What used to seem like an unassuming, simple little cartoon quickly proved itself to be one of the most engaging shows I've ever watched. While I usually shy away from fan art, I had to draw Jasper after her corruption in "Earthlings." Gotta love broken characters and body horror!

I wanted to practice my cleanup drawing skills. Although I haven't animated anything for five years, I still love the feeling of taking a rough sketch to clean line art. I wanted to make it look like an animation frame.

Screenshot I used as reference for the drawing.
(C) Cartoon Network.
Rough Prismacolor marker sketch.
Lightbox progress!
Finished rough drawing. I used photos of myself as reference
to correct some proportion and perspective issues.
Cleanup drawing progress!
Rough vs. cleanup.
Ready to be transferred to bristol paper!
Prismacolor / Copic marker sketch.

Stay tuned for updates on the final illustration!  I'm going to color the final piece with colored pencils.I can't wait to exercise those forearm muscles again. :D

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